Role of SMSF Owners’ Alliance

SMSFOA's role is to ensure that the interests of SMSF owners are taken properly into account by the Australian Government and its regulatory authorities in determining policy and making rules relating to the governance, management and taxation of SMSFs.

It is intended that SMSFOA will have national membership and be the primary organisation that directly represents the interests of the owners of SMSFs.

Key Objectives

  • Offer all owners of SMSFs the opportunity to become members of an association that exists solely to represent their interests.
  • Engage actively in public policy discussions about the development and regulation of SMSFs as an essential element of Australia's superannuation system, becoming recognised by government and regulators as the representative voice for the owners of SMSFs.
  • Foster a retirement savings culture to encourage more Australians to take responsibility for and make provision for an adequate income in their retirement years, reducing reliance of an ageing population on publicly-funded pensions.
  • Consult with members on regulatory policy issues affecting SMSFs, including governance, investment scope, drawdown arrangements and taxation.
  • Convey the views of members in well-researched and cogent submissions and statements to government, regulators, the media and the general public.
  • Liaise with other like-minded associations in the superannuation sector, while always maintaining an independent stance in the best interests of SMSF owners.
  • Communicate the benefits of SMSFs as a retirement savings option and the important contribution SMSFs make to the economic well-being of Australia.
  • Be the independent voice for Australians who have established SMSFs to build sufficient assets during their working lives to support themselves in their retirement years.