Why You Should Join SISFA

If you have set up an SMSF to support you and your family in retirement, you may share our concern about just how vulnerable SMSFs are to changes in government policy and particularly to changes in taxation, as we all experienced after the 2016 Budget.

Australians making a long term investment in superannuation need to have confidence that the rules won’t be changed again to their detriment. SISFA’s mission is to ensure any more Government policy changes preserve and enhance the opportunities and benefits of saving, rather than reduce them further.

SISFA is a clear and independent voice for the one million Australians who have accepted responsibility to sustain themselves financially in retirement, thus meeting the fundamental objective of Australia's superannuation system.

As an SMSF owner, you have a substantial stake in the way self-managed funds are treated by Government and regulators. A small investment now in membership of SISFA will pay off in terms of better policy outcomes, including the future taxation of your savings.

Help us to help you by joining SISFA now.

So you would like to join us?

Membership of SISFA is only available to individual or corporate trustees or to beneficiaries of complying self-managed superannuation funds.

Principal Members have voting rights and generally are those who may wish to become involved in our advocacy and research activities. They will receive a regular SISFA newsletter. The annual membership fee for Principal Members is $88 (incl GST).

Trustee Members are trustees who wish to take advantage of the additional benefit of a special insurance product that protects them against administrative penalties for compliance mistakes and for the cost of preparing for an ATO tax audit. This form of membership is offered to funds with one, two, three or four trustees. Membership costs are:
1 Member – $536
2 Members – $854
3 Members – $1,172
4 Members – $1,490

General Members are those who agree with the purpose and objectives of SISFA and wish to support our work. They will receive a regular SISFA newsletter. The annual cost of General Membership is $88 with no joining fee.

Practitioner Members is new category for SMSF professionals. More details will be provided soon.

What to do next

Online Payment

Please complete the online application form and pay online via Visa/Mastercard.

We will send an email message confirming your membership and giving you a Tax Invoice/Receipt.

To proceed with your online membership application -  click here


SMSF Owners' Alliance Limited  ABN: 96 161 052 464 (trading as Self-managed Independent Superannuation Funds Association – SISFA)

A copy of the company’s Constitution and Membership Rules can be found on our Governance page