171013 - SISFA submission to Treasury on TES

170921 - SISFA_supplementary_submission in response to AIST submission to Productivity Commission.

170830 - SISFA submission to Productivity Commission review of the efficiency of superannuation

170614 - SISFA Submission to Senate Economics Committee on Major Bank Levy

170503 - SMSF Ownerssubmission TLA2017 - Measures No2 - LRBAs

170307 - SMSF Owners Submission Senate Economics Reference Committee

Dr Ron Bewley examines super tax policy changes.
In the near future we will publish a series of articles on election tax policy by Dr Ron Bewley, former Head of the School of Economics at the University of NSW.
In his first article, Dr Bewley finds that the income drawn from a super fund of $1.6m, an income of four times the age pension and the $100k tax free income for politicians and others on defined benefit schemes don’t line up as the Government claims. Also, that many older Australians face the prospect of running out of super savings before they die.

Download the article, below

160627 - Can I save $1.6m for super?
160629 - Is 1.6m in super achieveable?
160609 - So how much should the superannuation cap be?
160609 - 1.6m supersavings cap should be doubled
160602 - What price a pollies pension?
160602 - Governments super policy doesn't add up



161206 - SMSF Owners submission to Senate Economics Committee on Superannuation Objective

161117 - SMSF Owners submission to Senate Economics Legislation Committee on 2016 Superannuation Bills

161020 - Tranche 3 - SMSF Owners submission

161006 - SMSF Owners Alliance submission on draft Tranche 2 superannuation legislation

160916 - SMSF Owners submission on draft Superannuation (Objective) Bill

160916 - SMSF Owners response to Draft Report on competition and efficiency in superannuation

100716 - Super Legisaltion

160609 - Superannuation policy consequences letter to PM-Treasurer-Assist.Treasurer

160420 - SMSF Owners submission to Productivity Commission review of superannuation competition efficiency

160406 - SMSF Owners Alliance Objectives submission

160204 - SMSF Owners Alliance 2016 Pre-Budget submission

160118 - SMSF Owners letter to Treasurer & Assist Treasurer on best tax option for superannuation


150724 - SMSF Owners Alliance supplementary submission to the Tax White Paper Taskforce

150724 - Joint letter to Tax White Paper Taskforce

150915 - SMSF Owners submission to Inquiry into Tax Expenditures Statement

150603 - SMSF Owners Alliance submission to Tax White Paper Task Force

150331 - SMSFOA Submission to Financial System Inquiry Final Report

150129 - SMSFOA Pre-Budget Submission


140904 - SMSFOA Retirement income stream paper

140826 - SMSFOA Response to FSI Interim Report

140703- SMSFOA After the Budget Hysteria

140328 - SMSFOA FSI Submission

140212 - SMSFOA submission on better regulation governance transparency of super funds

140131 - SMSFOA pre-Budget Submission